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The Football Manager Beta goes live

If you pre-ordered Football Manager 2016 then you'll be happy to know that the beta is now live, SEGA have confirmed.

For the first time ever, the Beta features network play allows managers to play against each other in online games including one of the new game modes for 2016, Fantasy Draft.
As always, any career progress you make during the Beta will carry forward when the game updates upon full release, which is November 13th. 

If you haven’t yet pre-purchased Football Manager 2016 you can do so now and get immediate Beta access, as well as the Football Manager Documentary for free.

Here's the detailed instructions to get going on the beta:
Digital pre-purchase (Steam) ?If you pre-purchased from Steam, your Beta download should automatically start when you launch the game from your Steam Library

Digital pre-purchase (non-Steam)? If you pre-purchased from any other participating digital provider, your code should have been sent to you via email*** and you will need to follow the instructions below to activate: 

- Open the Steam client (if you haven’t yet downloaded Steam or created an account, you can do so here)
- On the top toolbar, click 'Games’
- Select 'Activate a Product on Steam'
- Follow the instructions and input your code to install the FM16 Beta
- Before you dive in and get familiar with the Beta, the last thing we’ll say is that this is not the finished article and certain aspects of game play may well change ahead of full release on November 13th. If you do spot any issues, please report these immediately on our forum.

- At this stage it is unclear whether multi-player, online games will carry forward into full release but single player games will for definite

- If you pre-order from Steam, the Football Manager Documentary will appear in your inventory as a gift and all other participating digital retailers will email a code which you can activate via Steam following the instructions above

- If you haven’t received or have misplaced your Beta code, please speak to your retailer as a starting point. If they can’t resolve your issue then please contact SEGA customer services at help@sega.co.uk with proof of purchase, and we’ll aim to get you playing as quickly as possible.

Edited On 28 Oct, 2015

( 7 )
psychomc's avatar
psychomc 1 year ago
When do we receive our Beta code e-mail from ShopTo??
Anonymous user's avatar
Richard 1 year ago
Anyone found out where we get the beta code from?
Anonymous user's avatar
Michael 1 year ago
No idea. I can’t find it anywhere
psychomc's avatar
psychomc 1 year ago
It is supposed to be sent to you by e-mail from ShopTo (if that's where you pre ordered it)
Anonymous user's avatar
Robert 1 year ago
I preorder and prepaid but still haven't received a code yet??
Anonymous user's avatar
James 1 year ago
Have the same problem, guys. Not got my code either. I hope we won't have this issue come the 13th of Nov.
Anonymous user's avatar
DANIEL 1 year ago
he beta version is only for those who buy the game in the download version .

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