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Did you pre-order Halo 5? Well go get paintballing, take a selfie and you could WIN

If you picked up Halo 5: Guardians then you and up to nine of your friends can now go paint-balling for free and if you take a selfie you could even win 10 X 12 month Xbox LIVE Gold Subscriptions.

You should now have the codes you need to claim your tickets, so you've no excuse not to have a great day out. And just think, with Halo 5: Guardians already through your door you've even had some time to practice.

How to Claim Your Paintballing Tickets

To claim your tickets you must go to https://nationwidepaintball.co.uk/shopto and ENTER THE VOUCHER CODE WHICH WE HAVE SENT TO YOU VIA EMAIL. 

You will receive your voucher code via email, so make sure to check your spam box if you haven't received it.

The free tickets include:

- A full day of games ( 8 Games)
- Full face mask with built-in goggles
- Jumpsuit / Coveralls
- Semi Automatic Paintball Marker
- Unlimited Gas Propellant
- Hopper
- Ammo Belt
- Insurance

Please note that a deposit of £10.00 per player must be made to confirm your event, and must be received before the date of the game. This deposit covers booking fee and your first 100 paintballs per person on game day. Also note that your code is valid for four weeks, although once you have claimed the ticket these will be valid for 6 months.

Remember! Everyone that goes paintballing and takes a selfie at the location with their friend and uses the hashtag #ShopToSelfie will also get the chance to win one of two extra prizes.

• 10x Xbox Live 12 month Gold Subscriptions
• £250 Xbox Live Vouchers

However, in order to have a chance of winning the 10x Xbox Live 12 month Gold Subscriptions and 10x Xbox Live 12 month Gold Subscriptions you have to post your selfie before 31/12/15.

Edited On 29 Oct, 2015

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JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 1 year ago
if anyone isn't going to use there voucher and wants to pass it on to me i'll be eternally greatful ;) joetoots94@gmail.com
Anonymous user's avatar
Mark 1 year ago
Huh I'm still waiting on my copy. Really disappointed. No point in pre ordering from now on if I cant get my game by release day. Gave in today and bought digital so the disc will be going back

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