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My Nintendo replaces club Nintendo as new reward program

Nintendo has announced its new customer reward program, My Nintendo. 

The new program allows you to earn points as you play games, as well as by purchasing software or add-ons, too.

While more details are still to be revealed, Nintendo explained, in its latest investor briefing, that rewards will include free add-on content such as new costumes for your characters, as well as physical items and vouchers for eShop credit.

Nintendo will also make it very easy to sign up, using social sites such as Facebook, Twitter or by using your Google account. You can even use your existing Nintendo Network ID.

The web-based version of My Nintendo site will let you purchase software, check player info and your points stats.

We expect to hear a lot more details on this new program soon. But what do you think so far?

Edited On 29 Oct, 2015

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 1 year ago
sounds a lot like Uplay and Club Ubisoft - which is good, wonder how it will ink into games to know your game time/achievements. If they implement it in NX that as you get achievements in games you unlock XP or points you can use to 'purchase' stuff, then that will out-do the Xbox and PSN trophies/achievements as those are just a number, these would give you rewards, like how Uplay works - but that's all speculation I guess.
Anonymous user's avatar
MICHAEL 1 year ago
Acievements??? Nintendo missed that boat a long time ago. In the past i bought Ps4 games before considering the wii u version due to achievements not being available on Nintendo games.

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