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DriveClub to get multiplayer lobbies next week

Private multiplayer lobbies are coming to DriveClub next week and joining them will be new braking assist options, additional accolades and more even more, as yet to be revealed features. 

More details are to be revealed ahead of the patch's arrival next week.

News of these features come after the release of DriveClub Bikes, a DLC, which adds motorbikes to the game or can be purchased and played separately. 

Edited On 30 Oct, 2015

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Old Timer's avatar
Old Timer 1 year ago
I've said it before, it's not my favourite racer I've played but it's a decent title. It amazes me though how long it's taken to get the basic things like private lobbies into this game. I got to agree with a lot of comments on social media. A lot of PS4 owners, myself included are screaming out for a decent racer on the PS. They just announced Grand Turismo Sport but it looks like that will be nothing more than a Prologue to GT7 which some are saying don't expect to see until 2017/18 so it seems Sony are pushing to add bits here and there into Driveclub to please the fans but I think more and more are saying, too little too late and for Sony to pull their fingers out and bring us something new in regards to a great racer.

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