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The PS4 library now has 516 games

The PS4 games library has passed the 500 mark.

According to Finder.com, there are now 516 games available on the PlayStation 4, 264 of which are from independent studios, while the remaining 252 have come through major publishers. With yet more titles coming before the end of the year, it could be that this number will rise to at least 530. This number does not include titles via PlayStation Now.

The same site suggests that Xbox One currently has a library of 349 games, although 100 will be added through backwards compatibility.

It's worth noting that many of the games on both consoles will be the same.

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Edited On 05 Nov, 2015

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Dean Demon's avatar
Dean Demon 1 year ago
Sony really made a point of getting indie's involved from pretty much day one but MS were not so keen and just been playing catch up so for X1 users i do hope it changes for them.
Old Timer's avatar
Old Timer 1 year ago
For me these numbers don't quite paint the whole picture! Sony often ( and Microsoft starting to more now as more indies have got involved with XB1 ) keep on about numbers of games! Now I'm not saying people don't enjoy these games but ALOT of these titles are not the reason I purchased both XB1/PS4. For me these games are fun in short bursts but they are the sort of games I'd play on my phone, tablet while waiting for the wife to come out of the shoe shop ;)
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 1 year ago
It's more about the quality over the quantity. If the Xbox had more exclusives or better versions of the multi-platforms then they would be doing better. Sony got a lot of Indies with its better indie process (something MS are trying to change by the looks of it, but their - release on us first or never was not the right thing to do). Its just strange how the 360 was full of indie games with the arcade, but since jumping a generation the majority seems to have gone to Sony.
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 1 year ago
Plus a lot of 'Exclusive' MS games are now out on PC, so no longer exclusive - a lot less PS games have done this. The Koei games seem to have almost all dropped onto the PC (which is a shame as the PC players do nothing but bitch about them) but it feels like more Sony exclusives have stayed Exclusive. Maybe the backwards comparability is just to increase numbers of games to try and bring it in line with the PS4?
Anonymous user's avatar
Jason 1 year ago
516 games 450 indies

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