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Friday Chat: November 6

What are you plans? What games will you be playing, what movies will you be seeing? Are you doing anything exciting? Let us know what you are up to.

Let's Chat!

Edited On 06 Nov, 2015

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Anonymous user's avatar
Andrew 1 year ago
waiting for cod. i have a feeling it will be traded in tomorrow. 6 hour campaign... meh. they may as well scrap the campaign and just release the multiplayer as a download.
NickMilne's avatar
NickMilne 1 year ago
just waiting for my copy of Cod from ShopTo to arrive, once it does I'm sorted for the weekend????
Anonymous user's avatar
James 1 year ago
who can I contact about my order? it says processing still for bo3 cheers
 TruDarkAssassin's avatar
TruDarkAssassin 1 year ago
Going to be plating AC just a few trophy's left , just in time for fallout which i should have in the morning :)
Dean Demon's avatar
Dean Demon 1 year ago
Have the day off work to play some BO3, will also get round to watching Prometheus as i've had that on DVD for a while but not watched it yet and have a skype chat later with a japanese developer as broken english in an email isn't much fun but enjoy your weekend everyone no matter what you doing.
Anonymous user's avatar
Andrew 1 year ago
my copy of cod didnt arrive. thanks a lot shopto.
Anonymous user's avatar
Neil 1 year ago
I'll be excited, when you ship Fallout 4!
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 1 year ago
Joe, it's not advertised anywhere but the premium pass free to everyone this weekend on guitar hero live. So you get the 24 hour pass to play as much as you want in ghlive selection. It's not bad, they also added in-game achievements so getting 3 stars In a song then a certain streak etc... I've used 2 hours of the pass so far, easier to play when drunk :)
ThatGuyJayy's avatar
ThatGuyJayy 1 year ago
I would like some more information on the way the tracking of my package works because the tracking number isn't working

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