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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass detailed

Ubisoft has revealed details of the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass, a year-long premium membership featuring exclusive early and instant access to post-launch operators, a permanent boost to allow players to unlock content quicker, exclusive weapon skins, and more.

The Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass includes:

- Seven day exclusive early access to the eight new operators that you can instantly add to your roster upon their release
- Permanent 5% Renown boost to allow you to unlock content quicker
- The exclusive Season Pass Porter weapon skin
- The Safari Bundle of five weapons skins
- Two extra daily Renown-earning challenges
- 600 R6 Credits that can be used to purchase additional in-game content

The first post-launch content pack, called Operation Black Ice, will be released in January and introduces two new operators from the Canadian JTF2 counter-terrorism unit, a brand new map, and more. The Season Pass is available to purchase separately from £23.99 or is included in the Gold Edition of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Edited On 12 Nov, 2015

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Jason 1 year ago
This screams we have no pre orders the game has flopped massively please buy our game and help us salvage this mess we are in. Its certainly nothing to do with generosity. Might help sell a handful more but this game is not gonna shift big volume the Beta was atrocious and the competion in Halo 5 COD and SWBF are simply all better and more appealing to the masses, the delay was the final nail in the coffin IMO of course
NOCTORNUS's avatar
NOCTORNUS 1 year ago
Where have you got the info from in respect of your post. 1 "We have no Pre Orders" 2 "The game has flopped massivley" 3 What "mess" are you refering to. All I am saying is until its out and people play it we cant be so final with our thoughts.

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