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Star Wars Battlefront Console Unboxing

The Star Wars Battlefront Console has arrived in the office and Al was the first to get his hands on it to show us all what it looks like. 

So let's see shall we?

The Star Wars Battlefront console comes with both an embossed PS4 console and a controller design which is based on Darth Vader's chest. Like the console itself, the controller also has the Star Wars logo embossed on the trackpad.

Also included in the box is the retail version of the Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition, which you can not buy in the UK or Europe. This gives free DLC for 5 in-game items: DL-44 blaster, Ion Grenade, Ion Torpedo, Ion Shock and Victory. This is in addition to the digital voucher for four Star Wars Classic titles.

It's a great looking console and you can order it below.

Edited On 18 Nov, 2015

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Cheeky Monkey's avatar
Cheeky Monkey 1 year ago
That does look good but I was shocked at the poor packaging, especially the controller which was just wrapped in a bag and could easily be damaged. I would have expected that to be inset into something a bit stronger to protect it. I'd have also expected the whole packaging to unfold for easy and safe removal rather than sliding it all out from the end which is always a bit precarious.

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