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Fallout 4 sells over 500,000 units during it first week on sale in the UK

It's being reported by MCV that Fallout 4 sold over 500,000 physical copies during its first week on sale in the UK.

This impressive debut makes it the 18th fastest-selling game of all time, and the third fastest-selling game of 2015 and even more impressively, this does not include digital sales of the game on Steam, PSN or Xbox LIVE.

Bethesda announced that it had shipped 12 million copies of Fallout 4 worldwide for day one alone, so we expect it won't be too long before those are all sold, if they aren't already.

Are you still enjoying Fallout 4?

Edited On 19 Nov, 2015

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 1 year ago
its fun, not quite sure what i'm doing though haha - on level 35, completed a lot of quests and found a lot of random places. Think i've cocked up the trophies though - read that you have to save before you do any of the mission i'm on now - otherwise can't get the 100% so i may have to find an old autosave and hope its before this mission :)

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