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Battle of Jakku includes a new mode known as Turning Point

Star Wars: Battlefront's upcoming free Battle of Jakku DLC includes a new 40 player mode known as Turning Point.

Turning Point takes place on the sandy desert in between the downed starfighters (and a Super Star Destroyer), which mark the earth following The Battle of Jakku.

Rebels must take one of three control points, at which point further points located deeper within Empire territory will open. This continues until you unlock the ability to perform a final assault on the Empire base.

On the dark side, empire players need to split up and defend the control points.

"At the edge of the map, the Empire has constructed a make-shift base as well as smaller fortifications strewn across the landscape," DICE's lead level designer Dennis Brännvall explained.

"Rebels need to locate and capture one of three control points in Imperial control. The clock is ticking, but if the Rebel team succeeds with a capture additional time will be added and new control points will be available for capture.

"Moving through these increasingly challenging checkpoints, the ultimate goal is the Empire's base where the final stand will take place."

Vehicles within the mode include Airspeeders and AT-STs.

The first full gameplay from the DLC will be shown off next Monday, 30th November at 7pm UK time via a live stream. Those who pre-ordered will then be able to play the next day.

Edited On 24 Nov, 2015

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