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Everybody's Golf to release in Europe on PS4

Sony has confirmed Everybody's Golf for a release in Europe and judging by a recent video from the PlayStation Experience, is hoping that it'll be a 2016 release.

The New Everybody's Golf introduces a "robust online experience" that allows you to explore the whole course, allowing you to just "hang about on the green" or, if you like, drive golf karts anywhere along the free-roaming golf courses.

You'll also be able to go parachuting or catch fish in one of the course's ponds and you'll be able to customise your character thanks to a new customisation tool that gives you all the options you need to make the virtual golfers your own. Attributes will be able to be levelled up by completing objectives throughout the game.

We're looking forward to this one as it was great on PS3.

Edited On 08 Dec, 2015

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