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Hands on with Sony's PlayStation In-ear Stereo Headset

Introducing the PlayStation In-ear Stereo Headset, Sony’s PlayStation branded, premium In-ear Stereo Headset with noise reducing AudioShield technology.

I had the pleasure of trying these out last night, so thought I would put them through their paces in a few ‘real world’ situations not only related to gaming.

The first thing you’ll notice is just how beautifully packaged they are. As a designer, I am a massive fan of pretty packaging solutions, and the tight matte, spot UV’d box sleeve & thick card walls ooze quality, which for just over of £60 you would expect. The headphones themselves look great when you first open up the box, set back in a shaped tray, they are shiny, dark grey and spherical in shape with the iconic PlayStation icon embossed in the centre of the outer ear piece. The cord is woven in PlayStation blue and seems super durable & protected from stretching & folding, measuring in at 134cm. Towards the plug end of the cord is the power switch, which gives juice to the Noise Cancelling feature and where the wire splits for the left & right ear buds is a small volume control. Inside the box along with these you’ll find a USB charging cable, additional sized ear buds and a carry case.

After popping them out the box I hooked them up to my phone, an Android Sony Xperia Z2 and went for a run. Sound quality is very, very good. Music is clean and clear and the AudioShield technology does a great job of stopping passing cars interrupting my Blink 182 albums. One thing I did find whilst running in particular was that they did like to jump out my ears, however this does tend to be a trend when running with most headphones.

Next up I used them to make a phone call. Nothing needed setting up, I just jumped straight into the contacts & called the one named “Dad”. As with the music, sound was clean and clear, & I was told by the old guy at the end of the phone he could hear me perfectly well too.

Onto gaming, & the mighty PlayStation 4. I’m currently playing Transformers Devastation, so booted that up, got on Party chat with some of my mates and began to play. Once again the results were fantastic. Even more so as they now comfortably sat in my ears, blocking out the wife’s voice & noise of the radio. I also have the 7.1 over ear headphones, and if I were to compare the two, I would say these are more comfortable and have a clearer high-frequency sound to them, whereas the others carry more bass & push my ears against my head, making them sore. I could clearly make out the sound effects of the game underneath the conversation going on between multiple people. It wasn’t a struggle whatsoever.

After smashing up some Deceptacons I dug out the PlayStation Vita to try out Persona 4 Dancing All Night. For me, this was the most impressive of the tests. Maybe because the stock speakers on the Vita are tiny. The difference the headset made to the audio was hugely impressive. Even at a high volume there was no distortion. Unheard nuances from playing normally were revealed, it was hard not to bop along to Persona 4’s awesome soundtrack.

To sum up, obviously, this is a premium product at a relatively premium price, however I do believe what you get is an awesome piece of Playstation kit. There is no hassle in setting them up or using them, they sound brilliant & the noise reducing AudioShield technology really works.


• AudioShield technology.
• Built-in microphone & mute switch.
• Woven PlayStation blue fabric cable.
• Compatible with PlayStation 4 - connects to your Dualshock 4.
• Also compatible with PlayStation Vita, smartphones and tablets.
• In-line volume buttons.
• Approx. 15 hour rechargeable battery for noise AudioShield feature.

Words by Daniel Tillier. 

Edited On 10 Dec, 2015

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 1 year ago
I dont like buds that you shove into your ears - I like the apple design noes (the new ones) but not the ones with rubber like these - I'll stick to the wireless PS ones :)
Anonymous user's avatar
PHILIP 1 year ago
Have to agree with Turnip I never get on with bud type head phones. I believe the sound quality is there but these type are not for me my turtle beach are comfortable and deliver perfect for what I want.

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