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Black Ops III gets numerous fixes and changes in latest PS4 and Xbox One patch

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has a new patch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, bringing balance changes for weapons, maps, and Specialists, as well a host of new features.

The list is pretty huge, as you can see below.

One of the main additions is Call of Duty Points, which are bought with real-money and can be used to buy Rare Supply Drops for multiplayer, and Vials of Liquid Divinium for use in zombies mode.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Changelog


- Quick Join option added to the Multiplayer Main Menu. This allows Players to party-up with any eligible Players on their Friends List who are currently playing Black Ops 3
- Multiplayer Music option in the Audio menu now allows players to preview music samples and change the music heard when playing Multiplayer
- Custom Games functionality has been expanded. Support has been added for official Custom - Game Variants as well as saving Custom Games
- Fixed an error that would occasionally occur when returning to the Multiplayer Lobby after completing a match or entering/exiting the Arena Lobby

General gameplay

- XP earn rate increased for Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Capture the Flag, Safeguard, Demolition, and Free-For-All
- Increased rate at which Cryptokeys are earned
- Players no longer get points for killing teammates with the Satellite Drone in Uplink, when Friendly-Fire is enabled in Custom Games
- Players will no longer spawn at the same point in Free-For-All if there are more than 8 players in a Custom Match
- Fixed an issue where the tinted full screen effect would remain after the player had exited the Hardened Sentry
- Improved the Dart Scorestreak’s ability to lock onto enemy targets
- Fixed a start spawn issue with Free-For-All where waiting to select a class could spawn the Player behind other Players
- Improved enemy spawns during Gun Game and Free-For-All
- Players who join a Free-For-All or Gun Game match in-progress will not have a loss recorded if they do not place in the Top 3
- Addressed an issue where Players would get disconnected from Gun Game if they joined a match in-progress
- Players will now be kicked for inactivity if idling in Gun Game

Edited On 15 Dec, 2015

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CHRISTOPHER 1 year ago
should have a killstreak record and compare killstreak with friends list advanced warfare I could see my killstreak

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