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Homefront: The Revolution could arrive in May

We could be seeing Homefront: The Revolution in May, after both a US retailer and a Major UK retailer, let slip the release date.

The title was announced back in June 2014, being described as an open-world title, where rebels would have to employ guerrilla tactics to try and better their enemy, who have superior tech and troop numbers.

Initially Crytek was to develop the game, however it was soon put into the hands of Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, which is made up of many former Free Radical and Crytek staffers.

We've not really seen a lot of the game since, although we've found the latest trailer to let you see how it's coming along.

Edited On 11 Jan, 2016

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 1 year ago
The original was okay, but we don't need any more open world games! Everything is open world and full of filler these days

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