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Quantum Break - Ask Microsoft

Quantum Break will arrive at retail in April this year and now you have a chance to ask any burning questions you may have as we will soon be having an exclusive one-on-one interview with Microsoft regarding all things Quantum.

So what do you want to know about the game?

If you don't know much already, Quantum Break is a third person action adventure title developed by the team at Remedy Entertainment, who as you may know, are responsible for the excellent Alan Wake.

The game takes place in Riverport University, a fictional university set in the Northeastern United States, where a time travel experiment has gone wrong. This event not only causes time to start breaking down, but also grants the two main characters - Jack Joyce and Paul Serene different time-based abilities. Serene, the main antagonist, can see into the future to decide which choices to make in the present, while Joyce, one of the two protagonists, can stop time. 

Sounds interesting, don't you think? But what else do you want to know about the game? Now is your chance to find out the answers to the questions you have. So ask your questions in the comments field below and we'll pick as many as we can to ask to Microsoft. 

We’ll even reward the questions we deem the best with some free Xbox and Quantum Break branded goodies”.

To pre-order or find out more about this incredible game, click here.

Edited On 01 Feb, 2016

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Voltsy's avatar
Voltsy 10 months ago
Quantum break is also getting a TV series i believe, when is this going to launch and being in the UK will we have to wait long for it to be aired here? (Usually US shows take a while to come over)
seaneyc's avatar
seaneyc 10 months ago
Can someone please explain how it blurs the line between TV and gameplay, how does it do this?
Anonymous user's avatar
ADAM 10 months ago
Can you run and gun in the game ala Max Payne (run and shoot bad guys without having to hold down LT) ?
Anonymous user's avatar
ADAM 10 months ago
First of all, thank you for making a new IP, it always adds flavour to the industry. So regarding the "new" part of that sentence: will you be handling the exposition of the games lore in a similar way to your previous titles? E.g. with TV Shows and Radio Stations to listen to.

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