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Our reviews explained

We have posted up quite a few reviews now, so we would like to try our best to explain our rating system, which takes away the numbers and instead bases a games value on words instead. 

Review scores have always been a difficult way to review games, with most people these days calling anything below a 7/10 a bad game, whereas generally this is a very good score. To try to combat this we have decided to rate games on a descriptive basis, which is explained as follows. 

Shopto Review Rating System 

Poor - This game, although it may have some good qualities should probably be avoided. It may appeal to some and if this is the case this will be mentioned in the review. It's likely to be very rare that a game will receive this rating. 

Below Average - A game with this rating will have some redeeming qualities, but not enough to warrant it as a game for everyone to consider. It's likely a lot more work should have gone into the game, however it may still appeal to a certain audience. 

Average - A game with this rating is likely to have its flaws, however it will most definitely have a lot of redeeming qualities which will balance these out. You should give consideration to these titles. 

Good - Games with this rating are generally of good quality and are highly recommended. 

Excellent - A game which you should seriously consider. Titles with this rating are of very high quality and should not be missed.  

Outstanding - Order now. This is as close to full marks as we get, while these titles will not be completely perfect they are as near as you can possibly get. Consider games with this rating a must buy. 

Please note that this rating is just a guide, every game is different and we urge you, if not sure about a title, to at least download the demo if available and try it for yourself. Obviously everyone has a different opinion, and while our reviewers try to be remain as objective as possible, you may not always agree with us.

Edited On 16 Aug, 2012

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