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Call of Duty: Black Ops III patch released and detailed ahead of new DLC's Awakening

Treyarch has released a new update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, bringing support for the new Awakening DLC, fixing of various bugs, rebalancing of a few weapons and some changes to Zombies.

The Awakening DLC is out today for PS4 and you can order the Call of Duty: Black Ops III season pass and game below.


- Addressed an issue allowing Players to infinitely vote for the previous map.
- FreeRun, Nightmares & Dead Ops Arcade 2 are now accessible from the Bonus Menu on the Main Screen.
- Balance pass to improve XP earn rate consistency across game modes.
- Resolved issue where Specialist’s showcase weapons showed both base attachment models and Player selected attachment models.
- Resolved issue where Players were unable to freely scroll through taunts in the Taunts menu if a new taunt was recently acquired.
- Added missing rotation prompt icon in Gunsmith “Custom Variant” and Gunsmith “Snapshot.”
- Addressed issue where Leaderboards were not properly being reset after a Player used a Prestige Token.
- Resolved issue where the Create-a-Class would not update immediately after the purchase of the Extra Slot Pack.
- Added additional anti-cheat support.

General Gameplay

- Fixed an exploit that allowed Players to move faster by sliding just before landing from a jump.
- Fixed an issue where moving while crouching or ADS did not properly reduce your audio footprint.
- Addressed issues that affected Cryptokey earn rate consistency across game modes.
- In Hardcore, AI-controlled Scorestreaks will no longer count towards the kick limit.
- Resolved issue where Specialist weapon progression was not tracking in round-based game modes.
- Fixed an exploit where Players were being awarded Cryptokeys when not participating in matches.
- Teammates can no longer damage friendly Scorestreaks in Hardcore.
- Addressed issue where Players were able to place turrets underwater after using Rejack.
- Fixed exploit whereby Players were able to obtain the Hellstorm Scorestreaks repeatedly without earning them.
- Addressed bug where Players were able to pick up a turret while controlling the HC-XD.
- Fixed an issue in Free-for-All where the Mothership could not be locked onto by Launchers.
- Adjusted the spawn logic for Lightning Strike to better match the blast radius.
- Adjusted spawn logic in TDM and Kill Confirmed to increase the chance of spawning with your team.

Black Market

- Players are now able to equip Taunts, Gestures, and Specialist themes from the Black Market results screen for Specialists that are unlocked.
- Updated Black Market purchase animations and FX.
- Addressed audio issues with Black Market when accessing it during matchmaking.


- Fixed an issue where attempting to view a merged clip in a Highlight Reel would kick the Player back to the Theater menu.


- Fixed issue with the Extra Slots purchase confirmation to ensure the store icon updates immediately.
- Corrected visual layout bug that occurred after purchasing COD Points.

Combat Record

- Players can now view other Player’s Combat Record by selecting the player and choosing “View Combat Record” from the “Player Details” menu.
- Players can now compare stats with Friends in the Combat Record.


- “Popular” will replace “Moshpit” in the next season. Popular features 6v6 on a mix of Domination and Kill Confirmed game modes.
- Domination and Kill Confirmed will be added to Arena Leaderboards.
- Addressed issue where Emblem Editor UI would remain behind the Arena Pro Series pre-game sequence if the Player was editing a layer during lobby transition.
- Arena default Custom Classes no longer contain restricted items.
- Removed the Map Voting stage from Arena.

Game Modes

- Free-for-All: A loss will no longer be recorded when joining a Free-For-All game in progress.
- Hardpoint: Addressed issue where Hardpoint boundary wouldn’t appear if a friendly Player controlled the point.
- Safeguard: Adjusted win timing in Safeguard.
- Search and Destroy: Addressed an issue where inactive Players were not being removed from games in S&D.
- Uplink: Updated regulation time limit conditions so that if the score limit is reached in regulation Round 1, it also sets the time for regulation Round 2.
- Changed Overtime rules: Game ends if team that set the time to beat in Overtime Round 1 scores any points in Overtime Round 2 before the opposing team.
- Players are no longer able to catch the Satellite Drone immediately after a score; the Satellite Drone resets as soon as the score occurs.
- Fixed issue where Players were able to simultaneously pick up the Uplink: Satellite Drone and a turret.
- Reduced score bonus for kills while carrying Satellite Drone.
- Capture The Flag: Reduced score bonus for kills while carrying the flag.

Edited On 02 Feb, 2016

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