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Nintendo Account and My Nintendo launching in March

Nintendo Account and My Nintendo will roll out to 39 countries in March, the company has told investors.

The new Nintendo Account will also users to purchase games from web or mobile clients, and set them to auto-download to 3DS and Wii U. Nintendo Account activities will also reward players with Platinum Points for My Nintendo, which can be saved and used to purchase things such as 3DS themes. There will also be something called gold points which you can use for discounts on downloads, although no details have been mentioned as to how these work.

Ny Nintendo will feature messaging and a friends list management system, although the latter is coming at a later date.

Nintendo didn’t say anything about the NX. Although it did say that its first mobile title will arrive on February 17, while the next mobile title after that will be based on a popular Nintendo character and the one after, a popular Nintendo franchise.

Edited On 03 Feb, 2016

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 11 months ago
this sounds interesting - hopefully it will make moving from one console to another much easier - changing a 3ds over is terrible and you have to have both present, so you can't sell one then buy another (if you want to get a ltd edition or something). The first Mobile is the Mii one so that will probably also have your nintendo account details - like a profile app with the miiverse and what not on it, The second will the the Pokemon Go won't it that they have hinted at a bit but not released yet?

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