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The Witness sells over 100k in its first week

If you are yet to try The Witness, then you may soon be one of the few, as creator Jonathan Blow has confirmed that the game has sold over 100,000 units in its first week on sale.

This means that the game has already made around $5 million in the process.

While this seems a reasonable amount of cash, the game was in development for seven years, so the game's budget has still no quite been recouped. It probably doesn't help that the game seems to be quite popular with pirate sites on PC too.

On the bright side, Blow did say that "it is looking like, as time goes on, we should break even and make a comfortable safety margin on top of that, which will allow us to make more nice games in the future - unless some kind of world economic disaster happens."

It's great to see the game doing so well and it has still to come to iOS, Android and Xbox One, which will no doubt see it make even more money.

Edited On 03 Feb, 2016

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