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Deep Down trademark renewed by Capcom

You may have forgotten about Deep Down, but it seems Capcom hasn't, as earlier this week it renewed its trademark for the game in the U.S.

Deep Down was announced for PS4 back in 2013 and although we have seen some gameplay, there's not much clue as to when we will actually see the game materialise.

Perhaps Capcom and Yoshinori Ono are too busy with Street Fighter V to focus on Deep Down for now, in fact Ono did say around a year ago that the game needed more time, so who knows, maybe once Street Fighter V arrives next week the publisher will turn its attention to its PS4 console exclusive RPG.

Here's some gameplay, although apparently it has changed a lot since this video was released.

Edited On 09 Feb, 2016

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Neil 11 months ago
I remember seeing this when PS4 was first scouting. Amazing graphics and lighting, I guarantee if it comes to fruition it will be majorly downscaled, seems like it's the consensus these days. I guess the PS4 just can't handle the preview stuff! Reminds me of the Witcher 3 and a few others, over time the trailers start looking worse and when the games release they are subpar in the visuals... https://videogametech.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/wr249.jpg?w=940&h=528

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