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Capcom reveals new details for Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V is just around the corner and to celebrate Capcom has revealed all the different Character Story Mode costumes.

Each Character Story sheds light on the background and motivations of each individual fighter. As these stories take place in the past, you’ll see that everyone has a different look compared to their new threads in Street Fighter V.

By completing each Character Story, you’ll be able to unlock their corresponding Story Mode costume for purchase in the in-game store, once it launches in March.

Check out some of the costumes here.

In addition, Capcom has revealed some details on Survival Mode. In this mode, your health and EX Gauge carry over between each match against the CPU. You are able to earn points with each victory, which can in turn be used to purchase special power ups, such as health or attack or defense increases, etc., to help you last longer. Purchasing more power ups reduces your overall score though, so you'll need to decide on the balance you want. By clearing the four difficulty levels of Survival Mode, you’ll be able to earn new colours and in-game titles for your character.

Challenge Mode details were also revealed, which consists of 4 sub-modes, each of which has been designed to help you improve your skills and gameplay:

Battle Tips

Learn the ins and outs of Street Fighter V through helpful demonstration and tutorial content. Contains content for each of the 16 characters, as well as advice geared towards all levels of players.

Available March 2016


Put your skills to the ultimate test with combo trials for all 16 characters, ranging from basic to pro combos.

Available March 2016


Complete daily renewing goals to earn fight money, in-game titles, and other cool content.
Available soon after launch.

Extra Battle

Fight against special CPU bosses in the ultimate challenge. Earn in-game rewards upon completion.

We will be bringing you our thoughts on Street Fighter V next week, so keep an eye on the site.

Edited On 11 Feb, 2016

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spaceninjaUK's avatar
spaceninjaUK 11 months ago
Cant wait for this!!! :D
Anonymous user's avatar
mark 11 months ago
They do need to stop and re-evaluate the series. Black flag was fantastic, the boating missions alone justified the price. Why the havnt explored China or Japan as full game versions is beyond me. The combat is what's so stale. Imagine wing chun as a combat system. Fist of fury or ip man comes to mind. Or samurai combat with fast and furious death blows. So much potential..

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