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Street Fighter V Review

It was quite a big deal when Sony revealed that the only console Street Fighter V would be playable on was PS4 and it feels like it has been a rather long wait too. It’s a pity then that Street Fighter V feels like it has come a little soon for Capcom, with quite a few modes missing and a few other features too.

Flicking through the menus it is all too easy to discover what’s missing rather than what’s actually present. For instance, when you complete each character story you unlock their corresponding story mode costumes for purchase in the in-game store, only to discover that the in-game store will not release to a later date. The same can be said of the challenge mode, which includes four sub modes such as Battle Tips, Trials, Targets and Extra Battle, all of which aren’t even accessible thanks to the ‘Challenge Mode’ being greyed out. These modes are coming, one by one, at some point after launch and for free, but it all smacks of the game being a little unfinished.

Street Fighter V does have a story mode of sorts, which consists of around 4-5 battles for each of the 16 fighters and a loose story told by comic book style art, rather than full on animation. Once again the proper story mode is coming at a later date, this June in fact. 

Online doesn’t escape the unfinished phenomenon, as online battle lobbies only support two players for now, with eight person lobbies and a spectator mode arriving this March. It’s all a bit barebones then, but at least all of the missing modes are coming soon, along with a few extra fighters, starting with Alex this March.

So what is in the game at launch? Well, as mentioned, you have the comic book style story mode, as well as a survival mode, versus mode, training and online play. If you are just interested in the fighting rather than extra modes, then this will surely quench your thirst and thanks to the sheer quality of the fighting and presentation, some will argue that there is enough to keep everyone satisfied at launch.

The included story mode is fairly decent, if not a little fast to get through. You get a small bit of background on the situation each fighter finds themselves in, although it wasn’t really compelling enough to stop be skipping through to be honest. Once you do get to the fighting though, this gives you a good introduction to the 16 different fighters you can control or face, as well as the backgrounds in which you’ll fight in. 

Street Fighter V's roster is a mixed bag, with eight ever presents, four who return for the first time since Street Fighter Alpha 3 and also four new characters in F.A.NG, Laura, Necalli and Rashid. Whether playing as old or new, there really is something for everyone, with characters such as Ken, Ryu and Chun-li certainly amongst those beginners should consider. Of all the new characters Laura is probably my favourite. She has a interesting original martial art inspired by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and it makes for some interesting special moves, such as breaking her opponents legs and arms. She also manipulates electricity in an interesting way, no more so than during her Critical Art move. You'll no doubt find your own character which suits you play style, which is perhaps one of the greatest things about this game.

There are a wide variety of environments to fight in ranging from an Alley in India, Bustling Chinese Side Streets, Cities, Waterfalls, an odd Grid-style environment and even a train station set in England. There are 11 locations in all, many of which offer destruction, allowing you to kick your opponents through walls and more. Each location looks wonderful and extremely colourful, complimenting the hectic and beautiful on-screen action.

Perhaps my favourite mode outside of either ranked or friendly online play, is the survival mode. What I love here is that you just need to keep fighting through the 10 stages, getting as many points as you can to survive. Once you win the first fight you’ll notice the option to buy upgrades to replenish your health, EX special moves and V-Skills, which helps you get through to the end. While online will no doubt take up most people's time, I certainly think it is worth playing through Survival mode just for the fun of it, as it can be a really good challenge.

During play you’ll notice that one of the new features of Street Fighter V is the V-Gauge, which is displayed above the Super Combo Gauge. Using V-Skills and taking damage will fill the V-Gauge, which you can then spend on V-Reversal (a counter-attack unique to each character) and V-Trigger (a new special power up unique to each character) moves. Each of these V-Gauge moves looks spectacular when pulled off, lighting up the screen with some fantastic effects and over the top animation. Pulling off the moves wasn’t too difficult either, even for an amateur like me (I was even using the DualShock 4). Of course the EX Special Moves return too, so providing you can master these you’ll likely just about manage to get through the Survival mode and possibly even compete to some extend online too.

Street Fighter has never looked better than in Street Fighter V in my opinion. The characters have been redesign to be more realistic and they really do look fantastic thanks to the mixture of colour and cell-shaded goodness.. The animation looks wonderful too, with the game running extremely smooth and the framerate being as smooth as butter. Thanks to the wonderful design Street Fighter V is such a fun game and that’s coming from someone who has never really been a fan and who didn’t particularly think he’d enjoy this game. 

I have to say that so far I’m pretty hooked and with plenty more to come from the game over the next couple of months, I’m sure I’ll be jumping in on plenty of occasions when I have a few moments to spare. Street Fighter V may be bare bones at the moment, but with all the promised updates it’s off to a great start, so the potential here is huge. I for one can’t wait to see how much further it evolves towards greatness.

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Review by: 

Joe Anderson (Twitter: @_wotta | PSN/XBLA: wotta)
Dan Pearson

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ 16 fantastic characters
+ Looks fantastic
+ Action is smooth and fast paced
+ Survival mode is such fun


- Feels light on content

Edited On 15 Feb, 2016

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Fear Sinséir1612's avatar
Fear Sinséir1612 11 months ago
'Light on content', hahahahahahahahahaha ..., that seems like one of the first understatements of 2016 ^0^! Nice one, Joe ^0^!
Anonymous user's avatar
CHRISTOPHER 11 months ago
was disappointed with story mode but like u wrote a new Story mode in June
Fear Sinséir1612's avatar
Fear Sinséir1612 11 months ago
I will get this eventually for the PC, though; WHO cares for PS4 o_0?!!
Fear Sinséir1612's avatar
Fear Sinséir1612 11 months ago
That said, SO GLAD ShopTo is taking pre-orders for Senran Kagura; I just so LOVE that series for some odd reason ^0^ ^0^!! I just pre-ordered both the PS Vita and PS4 editions as I love gaming on the go ^0^ and I need the home edtion to enjoy our Ayane ^0^ ^0^!! Is there any chance ShopTo can add a few items to these games such as a music cd with Japanese songs to the series and an enamelled keychain and four kyun chara chibi figurines o_0?!!
Fear Sinséir1612's avatar
Fear Sinséir1612 11 months ago
And maybe a Moonlit Wall scroll with most of the interesting girl characters from the Gessen, Hebijo and Hanzo Schools?! This title is really quite sad as I think the makers are trying to celebrate those who have fallen in the inglorious wars o_0!!
Bunglefluff's avatar
Bunglefluff 11 months ago
i think you need some practice ;) It looks like there is a lot of button bashing going on.

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