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Quantum Break is not coming to Steam, says Microsoft

If you are holding out for a Steam release of Quantum Break then you are going to be disappointed, because it's not going to happen.

Aaron Greenberg from Xbox Marketing confirmed on the Major Nelson podcast that "Quantum Break on Windows 10 is a Windows Store exclusive" and won't be released on Steam.

Greenberg also went on to say that people who own Xbox One shouldn't worry about Microsoft releasing games on PC day on date with Xbox One.

"We understand their passion and people should know Xbox is a big priority and a huge commitment and we're committed to innovate," says Greenberg on the PC release. 

"Please do not let the fact that we are also launching a game on the same day on Windows 10 change your perspective on the importance of console business, innovating on console and continuing to invest and bring more console exclusives in addition to growing the gaming ecosystem. From our CEO down at Microsoft there's a tonne of commitment and enthusiasm for our business. We're having tremendous success, we had a fantastic holiday and a great growth year, we set Xbox Live records. 

"We saw double digit growth in our exclusive titles sales. We have the highest attach rates in the industry. Business is good and titles are doing well. We're grateful for all the love and support. Hopefully people will see what we're doing and sometimes we're innovating, sometimes we're experimenting sometimes we're charting new ground on different things."

You can listen to the full podcast above.

Edited On 15 Feb, 2016

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