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Sony calling for beta testers for the next PS4 Firmware

Sony is looking for PS4 owners who would like to help test the next PS4 Firmware, with the beta kicking off in March.

"Last September, we put a call out to PS4 owners to test out our next system software update, and since we’re getting close to the release of our next system software update for PS4, we wanted to do it again! Starting today you can sign up to be a beta tester and get a sneak peek at some of the features making their way to your PS4," says Sony.

Click here to sign up

The beta will kick off in early March, and if you’re part of it, you’ll receive an email with instructions on downloading the system software. You can roll back to the previous system software at any time, so don’t worry about downloading the beta.

In order to sign up, you’ll need a PS4 console with an internet connection and a master account. More details of the features will arrive with acceptance to the beta.

There will only be a limited number of people accepted, so sign up today.

Edited On 17 Feb, 2016

( 6 )
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 10 months ago
applied - hopefully there is an option to remove or hide demo/beta tiles!
Anonymous user's avatar
RAY 10 months ago
Let hope they fix some of the flaws that have been there from day one...
cerberuz's avatar
cerberuz 10 months ago
I see Shopto.net are still onboard the ps Hype train and doing sony's bidding for them. Shame there was no call to action on here for the Xbox Preview Program, just sony's cut and paste innovation.
durzel's avatar
durzel 10 months ago
Er... this link goes to surveymonkey.co.uk? Is this really legit?
Anonymous user's avatar
Neil 10 months ago
Free testers? Eh no...
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 10 months ago
yeah its legit - a lot of big companies use survey monkey now, its a powerful tool for doing surveys and getting statistics without developing anything or doing any work themselves. The only thing I don't like about the Beta OS on PS4 is that remote play is usually disabled when doing it.

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