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Gears of War: Ultimate Edition's February Title Update is making plenty of changes

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition's February Title Update is going to add in plenty of changes, which you would expect given that it is a 5GB update.

Check out the changes below.

February Title Update Patch Notes:

- Kills in Social playlists now also count towards the ‘Seriously’ achievement When we introduced our new Competitive Playlists to make our offering more focused, ‘Seriously’ only counting kills in Competitive didn’t make as much sense. As such, we’ve now updated the achievement to count both Social and Competitive playlist kills so you can work towards the achievement in any mode you want!
- Improvements to Boomshot hit registration At times, the Boomshot has had inconsistent performance. We’ve addressed a few of these items that should help the Boomshot perform more consistently – including a fix that should resolve the issue where the Boomshot fails to damage an enemy when fired at their feet. Thanks you to all our fans who provided detailed feedback and videos that helped us improve the way the Boomshot performs.
- Addressed some matchmaking issues that caused long wait times
- Improvements to hit registration on downed enemies (sponging)
- Small improvements to the Left Trigger Issue
- Fixed hit detection when shooting an enemy in cover against the top pillars on Clocktower
- Removed POI on Right Stick for Alternate Control Scheme
- Bug fixes and general improvements

Playlists are also being looked at and changed in the following ways:

- Increased Execution XP to better match the gain in other modes Execution is a mode that can be highly rewarding, but also extremely punishing. To better reward players who take on the challenge of Execution, we've increased the XP gain in the mode significantly.
- Moved Blitz from Competitive to Social
- Added a new Competitive TDM playlist We’ve been excited to see such a positive reaction to the new, faster Blitz mode. We wanted to address community feedback about quitters impacting games - as such, we’ve moved Blitz to Social so join in progress backfilling can replace any teammates who quit. To ensure fans of Respawn Gametypes have an option to play a competitive matchmaking experience, we’ve added an additional TDM playlist to the game in the Competitive category.
- Returned Warzone as a permanent playlist
- Returned Assassination as a playlist for a limited time Warzone is also returning as a permanent social playlist based on fan feedback. While Assassination has returned as a playlist, this is for a limited time only – we will be returning the event to ‘special event’ status in the future

In celebration of the new update, specifically the Seriously Achievement - which now counts kills in any mode across Social and Competitive Playlists – a one week event called Seriously TDM will take place until February 29. In this mode you and your friends can take advantage of 30 respawn TDM in a first to two round scenario.

Are you excited about these changes? Are you still playing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

Edited On 23 Feb, 2016

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