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Capcom will address Street Fighter Matchmaking and Battle Lounge issues soon

Capcom will address issues with Matchmaking and the Battle lounge, as it looks to improve the online experience of its users.

“Matchmaking for Ranked and Casual battles is [continuously] being improved for most users. Throughout the weekend and after the server reset, most players should be matched up with opponents at a quicker rate than before,” said digital media and eSports director Neidel “Haunts” Crisan on the Capcom Unity website.

“The ability to search and join Battle Lounges still needs improvement as it is not functioning as intended,” Crisan later added.

“We’ll be looking at this over the coming weeks and hope to fix the issue soon.”

It does seems that plenty needs look at when it comes to the online performance of Street Fighter V, so it's good to see Capcom seeking to fix these issues.

Edited On 24 Feb, 2016

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