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Call for Questions: ShopTo Gaming Show Episode 16

We will be recording The ShopTo Gaming Show Episode 16 this week and therefore we want your questions. 

During the show we'll talk about all the latest gaming news, answer your questions and discuss out topic of the week: Why pre-order games? We will also have another topic, though we are yet to decide on that one.

Ask a question and it will be featured on the show. We will answer all of your questions, or at least as many as we can. 

You can watch the latest show below, maybe it'll give you some inspiration.

Edited On 24 Feb, 2016

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Tanja 11 months ago
I pre-order games because I might forget that they come out (that happens when you are self employed and have too many other things in your head instead) but mostly because I like to get the game a day before everyone else does. THAT is for me one of the main reasons too be honest. Ok, some titles also have some tasty pre-order exclusives but since many of the big publishers in the UK seem to only offer them through one retailer (one that I had only the worst experience with), I rather stick with my early access then any fancy bonus stuff. My question for you is: Which game has made the biggest impact on you (story wise, graphics, fun...a game which you always like to come to,no matter how many times you played it before).
superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 11 months ago
It is usually good to preorder to ensure the lowest price. If the price drops whilst preordered and then rises again, you pay the lowest price. eg Before Far Cry Primal was released you could get it for £40, now it costs £45. If come a week before release you do not want it then can usually cancel the preorder. Also it is good to preorder your favourite game series, and guarantee you get it. A few times I have not preordered and the game was out of stock from release day.
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 11 months ago
I'm the same, I see 'Pre-order' as a wishlist that I don't need to worry about remembering to order from as it will just buy once its out. 'Pre-Purchase' however is a different issue - I've never pre-purchased a game, I don't see the advantage of paying now to paying when I can get the product. Plus the extras you get with pre-order is nice as its the same as buying on the day but with that little extra :)

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