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Remedy registers 'Alan Wake' returns trademark

Quantum Break and Alan Wake developer Remedy has given some hope that they are moving on to working on the sequel, after registering the "Alan Wake's Return" trademark.

The studio has also snapped up the alanwakesreturn.com domain name last year and with Quantum Break having recently gone gold, it's extremely likely that the studio is moving its team's focus to work on its next title, which was likely already in early stages of development.

Remedy's boss Sam Lake has already stated in the past that the studio would keep working on Alan Wake, although whether the registered trademark and domain registration point to that is pure speculation at this point in time.

The studio would likely rather that people focus on the upcoming Quantum Break, a third person action title which it hopes will stand from the crowd thanks to its use of time manipulation.

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Edited On 25 Feb, 2016

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