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Goat Simulator: The Bundle Review

Thanks to the impressive computing power of the Xbox One we finally get to realise our dreams, we don't want to be space marines, fighter pilots or gods, we want to be goats.

Well that's what it seems considering the impressive sales so far for this game that lets you roam around a few physics based playgrounds, jumping, leaping and bleating to your hearts content.

Compromising of the original Goat Simulator plus the two expansions GoatZ and the Goat Simulator MMO, this crazy title is a surprisingly entertaining one that will keep you entertained for hours as you try unlock the many different goat mutators that allow you to float, double jump and even summon other goats. 

If it sounds a bit out there, that's because it is, so check out our full impressions in our video review chat below and see why Dan think's Goat Simulator is so much fun.

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Review by: 

Joe Anderson (Twitter: @_wotta | PSN/XBLA: wotta)
Dan Pearson 


+ Fun worlds to play in 
+ Lots to discover


- Riddled with bugs (this is part of its appeal)
- Basic visuals
- No online leaderboards

Edited On 03 Mar, 2016

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