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In Pictures: The Legend of Zelda HD: Twilight Princess HD

So, it’s finally here, the long awaited (& much called for) HD remaster of The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. I am a MASSIVE, self confessed Zelda fan, & to be honest, this kind of release makes me feel all happy inside like the Goron King Darunia dancing to Saria's Song.

I have been lucky enough to have be able to get my hands on the amiibo edition before the game’s big release on Friday. So without further a do, here are some nice shots to show exactly what you get for your money.

With it being the series’ 30th anniversary, I am surprised no mention is made of this on the box. However, as with most of Nintendo’s amiibo/game releases what you do get is a nicely packaged, bright, colourful & sturdy box holding the game, the Wolf Link amiibo (in his own separate packaging) & the sealed CD soundtrack.

It’s a nice thought out collection, that any Zelda fan would be mad not to have on pre-order, & the added bonus of the extra ‘Cave of Shadows’ dungeon using the trusty Wolf Link amiibo makes a stalwart Twilight Princess fan like me crazy with anticipation to play! So, where do I go for a decent WiiU deal ;)

Words by Dan Tiller.

Edited On 02 Mar, 2016

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 11 months ago
wont get mine until friday :(

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