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No Man's Sky dated for June 24

No Man's Sky will release on June 24 in the UK, Sony and Hello Games have announced. The game will cost £49.99 on PS4, and £39.99 on PC.

There will be both a Blu-ray retail edition for PS4 and a Digital version, while there will also be a Limited Edition of the game, although we can't currently confirm if this will be available at ShopTo.

The Limited Edition includes:

- Comic Book: In the background, Sean Murray has been working with Dave Gibbons (co-creator of Watchmen and Kingsman), James Swallow (Mass Effect, Star Wars, Deus Ex writer) and famous sci-fi book cover artist Angus McKie to create a comic book sharing some of the lore of the game.

- Art book

- SteelBook: With unique artwork of the Atlas

- Dynamic theme: By Mr Div (well-known 3D visual artist and creator of the No Man’s Sky logo).

PC gamers can also pre-order an Explorer's Edition for $149.99, including a Hand-painted, Cast Metal Ship Replica (1:35 scale) w/ decals for customization.

There is currently no confirmation of virtual reality support for the game, although we imagine that will come when Sony dates PlayStation VR, as we are sure this game will support it in some way.

We will let you know if we will be selling these editions, if we don't let you know then presume we are not.

Edited On 03 Mar, 2016

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Anonymous user's avatar
Tanja 11 months ago
Please tell me that you will have the limited edition in stock!
paulaw's avatar
paulaw 11 months ago
Release date... awesome! Now I just need to hope that ShopTo are going to stock limited editions (PS4).
Anonymous user's avatar
PHILIP 11 months ago
This looks fantastic.....
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 11 months ago
Isn't it like 40 quid on PC - thats a lot of money for an indie game - I know the witness was also as much money but it still seems a lot - I always saw this as a 15-20 quid game, never as a full on 40-50 quid one. Its just a randomly created planet sim game. I'm gonna wait until i've seen it and it comes down before I even think about buying it.

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