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International Women's Day: Arslan The Warrior's of Legend

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 and to show that when it comes to gaming there is no gender dominance, we reached out to some of our customers to ask if they could provide us with a guest review of their favourite games. 

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Review

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend is not your usual Dynasty Warriors game. Sure it has all the button bashing combo action you know and love from the series, but Koei Tecmo have tried something a little different this time (and that’s no bad thing!)

??Unlike many previous DW titles, Arslan has a much stronger focus on characters and story – something KT have been evolving through games such as Toukiden or Dragon Quest Heroes. The style of the characters may look familiar to Manga and Anime fans because the game is based on the anime series of the same name created by Hiromu Arakawa (who also created Fullmetal Alchemist). Thanks to this, the game feels much more like a JRPG then a standard DW fighting game.

One warning - during the story mode there are lots of cut scenes that are used to tell the story and introduce you to new characters and their backgrounds. Those cut scenes might be a bit too long for some but fear not, KT has given us the option to skip those (useful for replay value). I personally enjoy those scenes because of the great Japanese Voice Actors. KT has wisely employed the services of the same voice actors who brought the characters to life in the Anime series. And whilst the use of Japanese voice talent is a joy, be aware that there is no English language option, so if you want to follow the intricacies of the amazing storyline during battles, you will need to be able to concentrate on both your fighting and the English subtitles (not always the easiest thing, KT!)

As with all KT Dynasty Warriors games, the mechanics for the fights are very easy to learn. Gameplay-wise, in the first couple of missions you will spend time taking on as many enemies as you can to level up your character. Don’t worry about the side challenges that the game offers you to earn extra bonuses, you can come back to them in the Free Play Mode later on. Once you have cleared the map of as many enemies as possible, you are ready to take on the boss at the end of the level without having to worry that you may die a lot – you still might, but that’s all part of the fun!

Also worth mentioning is that you now have different buffs you can equip to make your characters stronger in attack, defence, blocking, speed etc.. These buffs come in the form of cards that you can find throughout the game and which you can then equip to your characters. But be aware that stronger cards cost you more points and you might not be able to super boost your character at the beginning and will have to wait until you have levelled up a bit more.
Fighting the game’s big battles on the beautifully created battlefields is a lot of fun, while you learn the different characters’ attacks and fight styles. A special mention here has to go to KT’s new ‘Rush-Attacks’ in which you direct a huge group of Cavalry or Infantry to smash through barriers and to flatten all your enemies that are in the way. This attack is great addition to the fighting mechanics and it’s also a lot of fun to use.

KT have been improving the graphical backgrounds of their games over the last few years, and Arslan is no different. The game has beautiful environments where I sometimes wish I could explore in peace and enjoy it without all the enemies attacking me all the time. Arslan’s world is vibrant, beautiful and feels very much alive, and that is something that I love about the games that KT creates: a world in which your character comes alive. 

Whilst playing the story mode you will unlock, bit by bit, all the different characters which you can then play in the free mode and where you can find your favourite one and level up his/her skills. It’s nothing you’ve not done before, but with such richly detailed characters, it is a very rewarding and fulfilling way to enjoy the game.

Arslan – Warriors of Legend is a title that every JRPG fan should consider playing. It has all the things we love about the usual Dynasty Warriors series, but with the deep characterisation and storytelling of the finest in anime/manga tradition. A wonderful blend of hack n slash gameplay with Japanese narrative. Oh, and the soundtrack…what can I say? Sublime, incredible, stirring, evocative…well, quite a lot it seems!


- More JRPG/story driven gameplay
- Great sound design and voice cast
- Easy game mechanics
- Fantastic soundtrack?


- Characters conversations in battles are hard to follow if you can’t understand Japanese as it is hard to read subtitles whilst battling
- In game camera angles can get a bit annoying especially when you are on a horse
- If you don’t like the usual Dynasty Warriors gameplay mechanic, this is not really different

About International women’s day 

International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

International Women's Day (IWD) has been observed since in the early 1900's - a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialised world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies. Find out more here


Edited On 03 Mar, 2016

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