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Call for Questions: The ShopTo Gaming Show Episode 18

The ShopTo Gaming Show Episode 17 will be recording soon and yes, as always, we want your questions. 

During the show we'll talk about all the latest gaming news, answer your questions and discuss out topic of the week which is: Is Backwards Compatibility important to you? 

Ask a question and it will be featured on the show. We will answer all of your questions, or at least as many as we can. 

You can watch the latest show below, maybe it'll give you some inspiration.

Edited On 10 Mar, 2016

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Tanja 10 months ago
Since you have now played some hours of the Division, do you think that it will be a game that will keep you interested for a longer time or do you think it will soon loose it's way to draw you in? Having played the Beta myself I struggled to find the game interesting. I'd rather just run around and admire the beautiful environment. ;-)

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