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UK to get combined retail and digital chart on monthly basis

There is to be a new monthly video games sales chart which will combine physical and digital sales.

The new chart from GfK and SuperData will arrive soon in the UK, giving us a clearer picture of how games are performing across retail and digital.

Dr. Mathias Giloth, managing director at GfK Entertainment, said: "This is a milestone in the history of games market research. For the first time, digital and physical sales data across Europe will be integrated into one single, representative overview."

"With the advent of digital distribution, the landscape for video games has drastically changed. Last year consumers spent $6.25 billion on both full game downloads and add-on content on console worldwide. That means that major publishers are now fully invested in pursuing digital channels as a core piece to their business strategy," said SuperData CEO, Joost van Dreunen. "Major franchises like Call of Duty™, FIFA™ and Grand Theft Auto™ earn revenues across a range of channels. By partnering with GfK Entertainment we are in the unique position to provide a greater degree of market transparency."

GfK is the current provider of the UK's weekly retail games chart. SuperData uses digital point-of-sale data received from publishers, developers and payment service providers.

Edited On 09 Mar, 2016

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