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Hitman's physical disc release will now arrive on January 2017

Hitman's physical disc release will now arrive on January 2017, with no reason for the delay being given.

The first episode of the game arrives on PS4, Xbox One and PC tomorrow, with seven episodes in all scheduled for release in 2016. It's likely therefore that the publisher would rather wait for all the episodes to be released before bringing the disc to retail.

The first episode is set in Paris, while other locations take place in the likes of Italy, Morocco, Thailand, Japan and the USA.

You can pre-order The Collector's Edition from ShopTo below, which comes with a digital copy of the game, allowing you to play each episode as soon as it arrives.

We will have a review of the first episode very soon.

Edited On 10 Mar, 2016

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CHRISTOPHER 10 months ago
confused when does the game come and when it does,it only just has the 1 episode
Joe2120's avatar
Joe2120 10 months ago
The first episode is tomorrow. There are seven in all. The Collector's Edition comes with a digital code to get each episode as they arrive. The physical version isn't out till 2017.
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 10 months ago
This will probably get a lot of people moaning, but games like Minecraft storymode - which came with 1 episode on disc and you downloaded the others later also got complaints - so you can't win. either they have a disc out early with a lot of downloads needed if you buy later on, or they release it when its finally out. Plus it means they can sell it for more via digital means before the shops sell the retail version really cheap.

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