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Hitman : Episode 1 Review Chat

We've played Hitman, we've reviewed Hitman and now we are going to chat about it too, thanks to our review chat video series.

Have you played Episode 1 of Hitman? If so then what did you think? You can watch and listen to our thoughts below, but if you've played then please let us know your opinion too.

Edited On 15 Mar, 2016

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superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 9 months ago
I am not a Hitman fan, I have not even played through the other Hitman games yet, but got this because of the way they are doing it - making a single player game with online updates, which is the first as far as I know. Each week they will be adding in an elusive target which show up whenever and you only have 48 hours to make the hit, if you mess up you will not get a second chance. Plus there is other live content too - Escalation contracts, the first is live now, a 2nd is scheduled for tomorrow. These will probably not be available on the disc game, because these are live events which can not be done in a typical offline single player game. It is a game not to miss out out on, this game is not like Telltale games episodes. If they do put all these elusive targets on the disc version, then I probably will wait for Season 2 to hit discs and get into the bargain bins.

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