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VR: What's been announced today

Sony's PlayStation VR event takes place tonight and it seems developers are preparing for it, with many games/experience announced in the lead up to the event.

Titles already announced include Ubisoft's Werewolf Within, which we already posted about (video below) and of course, the new Star Wars experience, news of which we also brought you earlier.

If that's not enough, compatibility for XING: The Land Beyond was also revealed. This one is another puzzle game which may remind you of titles such as The Witness and Myst.

The previously-revealed Battlezone also gets PlayStation VR compatibility. Check it out below, it looks interesting.

In addition, some ex-Pixar animators have created Gary the Gull, a PlayStation VR interactive movie where you meet and chat with a seagull. This one certainly looks different.

Sony is holding its PlayStation VR event in just over an hour's time and although it is not live streamed, we will bring you any news that comes out of it, if there is any.

Keep an eye on the site.

Edited On 15 Mar, 2016

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