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PlayStation VR: The event as it happened - launching October 2016 for £349

Sony have revealed that 230 developers are currently developing games for PlayStation VR and today showed off the final consumer version of the device. 

The technical specs remain the same and can be seen below via a picture taken from a live stream of the event.

As you can see, the final contents of the box are below, including almost everything you need, well except the PlayStation Camera which is available separately.

There was also a few game logos shown off too.

House says that the device is as light as it possibly could be and is easy to take on and off. 

The biggest announcement was that the device will launch this October 2016 for £349, which to us seems like an amazing price. 

"We're proud of the price point we've been able to achieve because more gamers will be able to bring it into the home."

It was also revealed that you will be able to enter a cinematic mode and play standard PS4 games or use apps on a virtual large screen. The device will work with the PS4 as it currently stands which seems like it could be a decent feature as VR will be the biggest TV you could possibly have.

Finally, House also revealed that Sony is partnering with EA for a new Star Wars Battlefront VR experience. More on that is coming next year.


Sony has confirmed further details, saying that The Playroom VR, from Japan Studio, will be available as a free download from PlayStation Store for all PS VR owners at launch. The Playroom VR will include six games that can be enjoyed with friends and family.

Here's a few videos.

Edited On 15 Mar, 2016

( 9 )
lpking's avatar
lpking 9 months ago
Excellent news and price! When are you planning preorders?
Massey's avatar
Massey 9 months ago
no it s a piece of crap
Anonymous user's avatar
Neil 9 months ago
Excellent, let's market our VR headset to one system! No buy lol
Danny_936's avatar
Danny_936 9 months ago
So its basically £400 if you don't already own the camera. Personally I think this is a low end VR experience compared to the Oculus Rift and especaiily the HTC Vive but they cost more.
UKVampire's avatar
UKVampire 9 months ago
Waiting to order mine through you guys. It's one of those things it's not for everyone so take it or leave it. I already own the camera so will be buying the VR on release.
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 9 months ago
@Neil - I don't understand your comment? The rift and HTC are PC only, so they are also limited to 1 platform. The only thing that may be cross platform is the 3k dollar Hololense which will be xbox one and PC (if the xbox one is powerful enough to run it)
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 9 months ago
I noticed 505 games on the list - I wonder is Sniper elite 4 will have a VR mode, that would be cool if it did. The EA starwars one will be the lightsaber mode there are videos floating about for. I may grab one for the hell of it, but only if I can see at least 5-10 games I will use it in
Anonymous user's avatar
Neil 9 months ago
@Turniplord - Essentially I'm expecting VR to be a TV equivalent (it's the visual aspect that's mainly being replaced). If a company was selling a TV limited to one system we'd all think it crazy... Maybe I'll hold off on VR for a while
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 9 months ago
Ah right, you'll never get that then. Each piece of hardware is different and it wont ever be like a TV where you get one and plug it in, each VR has to be built for that specific machine.

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