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PS Move game 'Tumble' is coming to PlayStation VR

PlayStation Move game, Tumble has been reworked and is coming to PlayStation VR.

The title is being worked on by Supermassive Games, exclusively for PlayStation VR and will place you in a virtual arena, specifically designed to test your physical dexterity and mental skills.

Using the controllers you'll be tasked with building a tower, creating bridges, working out puzzles and blowing up enormous towers of blocks.

The developer has built a load of new levels to make best use of the VR environment and has also added in some new modes as well.

Co-operative and competitive modes are now included, using the PlayStation VR Social Screen feature that allows a second player, not using a PlayStation VR headset, to play together with the VR player.

We thought the original game was great, so we are looking forward to seeing it work in VR.

Edited On 16 Mar, 2016

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