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PlayStation VR offers users their own cinematic experience

We've already mentioned a few times that PlayStation VR will place users into their very own home cinema, but we thought it was worth it's own story, because it seems like a great feature.

Sony’s brand new PlayStation VR tech will be able to play games and watch video that were not designed for virtual reality. The tech has a cinematic mode which allows users to play games and watch video 2.5 meters away from a screen up to 225 inches (5 meters in width).

PlayStation 4 games and videos, in addition to Share Play and Live from PlayStation can be experienced this way. Furthermore, users will be able to experience 360 degree photos and videos.

Sony notes that the screen size will feel different depending on the user. PS VR will offer 960x1080 per eye.

Edited On 16 Mar, 2016

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 10 months ago
I'm hoping it will support 3d blurays so you can watch them in 3d on this virtual TV as well. With me, I sit about 3 meters away from the TV and I need glasses as the image gets a little blurry. With this I would imagine it will be fine because the screen is literally in front of your face, it just appears further back, so I shouldn't lose as much quality in the virtual distance. Thats what i'm hoping anyway
Bunglefluff's avatar
Bunglefluff 10 months ago
Sounds similar to the feature on Gear VR, which i got last week for my new S7 edge. I don't think the PS VR resolution will be enough. There will still be significant 'screen door effect' going on. A lot of the articles i've read says VR needs 4k really. It is still cool though, i'm loving what i have tried so far :) This is the first time i've used VR since Nintendo's Virtual boy from back in the day.

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