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Certain Windows 10 apps will soon be able to run on Xbox one

An upcoming update to Xbox One will enable it to run Universal Windows Platform apps designed for Windows 10, according to Jason Ronald, Partner Director of Program Management, Xbox and Windows Platform.

Speaking at the Game Developers Conference on Wednesday, Ronald said that Xbox One will soon be able to run certain Windows 10 apps as Microsoft will be merging its Xbox Store into the unified Windows Store.

Apparently this will enable developers to make games for Xbox One and quickly porting them to PC, and vice versa. The Universal Windows Platform allows a developer to re-use a significant amount of code when porting it to the other platform.

Microsoft stated last year that it was working on mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox One and has already announced many of its franchises for release on PC, such as The Gears of War: Ultimate Collection, Forza 6 Apex and of course, Quantum Break.

It'll be interesting to see just what apps arrive on Xbox One and how they benefit users of the system. 

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Edited On 17 Mar, 2016

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