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Bully and Manhunt are now available on the PlayStation Store

Rockstar classics Manhunt and Bully are now available to download on the PS4 in the UK.

You can pick them up for £11.99 each by searching the web store, or you can just click here for Bully and here for Manhunt. We especially love Bully, which is a great game and well worth anyone's time.

If you own these already you'll still need to pay, so maybe it's worth just digging out the PS3 if that's the case. Otherwise, enjoy!

Edited On 22 Mar, 2016

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Bonesinferno's avatar
Bonesinferno 10 months ago
So Is GTA 3, Vice City & San Andreas
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 10 months ago
thanks, dind't realise bully was out - i'll be getting that tonght. I thought it was on ps3 as it was on xbox 360
Massey's avatar
Massey 10 months ago
Manhunt yes finally hope they release 2 as well at some point That was the only game that my mum banned me from playing when i had a ps2 Oh well older and wiser why not will get it with a couple of weeks

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