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Sony confirms the closure of Evolution Studios

Evolution Studios, the developer behind franchises like MotorStorm and most recently, DriveClub, has been shut down by Sony. 

DriveClub suffered many issues and delays at launch, which no doubt impacted on its performance amongst gamers. It's such a shame because it has gone on to become one of the most supported Sony racers around, however it seems this has not been enough to save the studio, as Sony has made the tough decision to close the studio down.

"Regular reviews take place throughout SCE Worldwide Studios, ensuring that the resources that we have in such a competitive landscape can create and produce high quality, innovative and commercially viable projects.

"As part of this process we have reviewed and assessed all current projects and plans for the short and medium term and have decided to make some changes to the European studios structure.

"As a result, it has been decided that Evolution Studio will close.

"It is regrettable that this decision will lead to compulsory redundancies. We accept that this decision will mean that we risk losing high calibre staff but by focusing on other Studios that already have exciting new projects in development we believe we will be in a stronger position going forward and able to offer the best possible content of the highest quality for our consumers.

"Where possible we will try to reallocate people onto other projects. If appropriate opportunities are not possible within the company, we will assist staff in any way we can, including speaking with local employers and with other development companies.

"Evolution has been an important part of SCE Worldwide Studios for over 10 years - working on ground-breaking racing titles like WRC, Motorstorm and DRIVECLUB.

"This decision should not take anything away from the great work that Evolution has produced."

Edited On 22 Mar, 2016

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opt1mus76's avatar
opt1mus76 9 months ago
Really sad as Driveclub is a completely different and quite brilliant game compared to its starvation launch. The Motorstorm games were also highly enjoyable and only yesterday I was hoping we'd see another Motorstorm RC. I hope Sony can find them alternative positions with other studios and best of luck to those that are not kept on. If only mote developers supported their games as well as Evolution. It's also sad that their latest (and I suspect final) dlc is aptly named Finish Line, something all involved can rightly be proud of reaching
opt1mus76's avatar
opt1mus76 9 months ago
*state at launch. No idea what a starvation launch is but guess auto-correct does
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 9 months ago
This and the closure of the scribblenaut guys isn't good. I guess drive club vr is gone, and all hopes for new dlc

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