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Sony founds ForwardWorks to develop games based on PlayStation Characters for Mobile

Sony has announced the formation of a new company called ForwardWorks that will focus on smartphone games. 

The PlayStation producer says that the new company will develop "full-fledged game titles" that make use of PlayStation characters and IP as well as Sony's own experience in the video game market.

Sony says the company will focus on users in Japan and Asia, with Atsushi Morita, the head of SCE in Japan and Asia, becoming president of the new unit and Andrew House, will be a member of the board. The company will be incorporated from April 1st, the same day Sony Commputer Entertainment becomes Sony Interactive Entertainment.

ForwardWorks takes over from PlayStation Mobile, which shut down last year. That platform tried to provide a bridge between indie mobile games and the PlayStation Vita, although it didn't work out so well in the end.

It does appear that ForwardWorks will focus on creating new, smaller experiences based on PlayStation IP and if successful we wouldn't be surprised to see these titles release outside of Japan.

Edited On 24 Mar, 2016

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