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UFC 2 Review

The hype around the Ultimate Fighting Championship has been steadily building over the years, as each big bout passes, more and more people take notice with more news coverage and more chances to make money off of it. Though far from being a household name (mainly due to the intense violence) UFC has certainly broken into popular culture, with big named fights being broadcast all over the world, the brutal nature often making it very hard to predict the outcome. This real world battle of mixed martial arts was ripe for a computer game iteration so in stepped EA Sports with a pretty decent first attempt and now with its follow up with UFC 2.

As far as far as fighting titles go, this should be the best ever, a game allowing a mixture of various disciplines of fighters to go toe to toe, beating each other senseless until the opponent collapses or taps out and for sheer brutality and realism this game excells. Sadly it does get a little bit over complicated during some aspects of these fights as even with streamlined mechanics there is a lot to learn with three distinct elements to each fight; it is not just about punching, kicking and blocking, but also grappling and clinches, the game moving away from the more traditional button attack combinations into a selection of quick time event scenarios, with the game requiring quick directional inputs to position your fighter to get the best advantage and it's here the thrill of the fight is lacking, the pace being sucked out as your fighter fumbles for better leverage. 

That said, if you are into the UFC as a spectator then you already have a decent idea of how fights are broken down and what to expect. Whilst the mechanics may need a little fine tuning, the actual content is spot on with a decent roster of fighters and plenty of game modes to try out, like the campaign mode letting you create and train your fighter and Ultimate Team which allows you to create fighting teams and then earn cards to boost your characters with new moves and stats. Online there are title chases, simple quick fights or the interesting Live Events, where you can bet on the outcome on real UFC fights and even recreate these battles to earn game points.

Where these modes add even more depth to an already realistic game, the KO mode ditches it all for a good old fashioned slug fest, the aim to just batter your opponent over a few rounds, simple mindless and brutal fun.

With some stunning graphical power behind it, UFC 2 is one of the best looking fighting games around and, when going for a plain old brawl it's great fun, but the ground work needs to be more fluid and this does affect the overall feel of the matches. However UFC fans who are more into the technical aspects of the fights are sure in for a treat. 

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Review by:

Dan Pearson
Joe Anderson (Twitter: @_wotta | PSN/XBLA: wotta)


+ Looks amazing.
+ Jam packed with content 
+ Decent online modes


- The clinches sap a lot of the excitement from the fights

Edited On 30 Mar, 2016

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