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Far Cry Primal gets a Survival Mode on April 12 - for free

Far Cry Primal’s is getting a Survivor mode, which will arrive as a free patch for all platforms on April 12.

“The idea of doing this mode actually started from the team, saying they wanted to create this mode based on feedback they got from the community,” says Thomas Simon, Far Cry Primal’s game director. “The keystone of that survival mode is the change in the exploration, crafting, and difficulty of the game to make it even more realistic. After that, there are options the player can activate to go further.”

The biggest such option is the addition of permadeath. If you felt the stakes weren’t high enough before, you can now turn on full permadeath, which means your game is over the first time you die (except in vision missions, which aren’t “real”). If that seems too abrupt, there’s also a second-chance option that gives you one backup life, which is then replenished at certain completion points.

“We’ve also decided to make this combo of Survivor and permadeath available at any difficulty level,” says Simon, “so even players that don’t necessarily like to play extremely hard difficulty modes can still enjoy the change of experience in Survivor, and also try permadeath if they want to.”

Edited On 30 Mar, 2016

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