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Homefront: The Revolution lights up your screen with new trailer

Homefront: The Revolution has a new trailer this time focusing on the game’s freedom fighters, as well as showing off plenty of gameplay from occupied Philadelphia.

The trailer is titled ‘Ignite’ and seems to live up to its name, with plenty of explosions and flames lighting up the screen.

Homefront: The Revolution is scheduled for release on 20th May 2016 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Edited On 26 Jan, 2016

Edited On 31 Mar, 2016

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Anonymous user's avatar
CHRISTOPHER 10 months ago
looking forward to this installment
lethal1984's avatar
lethal1984 10 months ago
I was looking forward to this till I seen a few trailers. Doesn't Look to good and looks last gen.
SilverShane's avatar
SilverShane 10 months ago
Iv just read elsewhere that an Easter egg hidden in this game will allow you to play the first two levels of timesplitters 2 !!! :)

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