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Ubisoft renews the trademark for Beyond Good & Evil

Ubisoft has filed a new trademark for Beyond Good & Evil, suggesting that it's not done with this game just yet.

The new trademark for Beyond Good and Evil was spotted on April 1, listed via the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

This new trademark could just mean Ubisoft is refreshing its rights to the property, although there is always hope that the studio will eventually release Beyond Good and Evil 2.

The latest rumours for the game from a few months back suggest that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be a Nintendo NX exclusive, although there's not really much to back that up, given that it was just word from a source close to Destructiod. Saying that though, Nintendo did work with Ubisoft to release Zombi U as a Wii U exclusive, so you never know.

Would you like to see Beyond Good & Evil 2 released? How would you feel about it being a Nintendo NX exclusive?

Edited On 04 Apr, 2016

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