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Dark Souls III Review

The proposed final chapter of the Dark Souls saga finally arrives, with gamers clambering to unearth it many secrets as they die over and over again. Once again set in a Gothic and dilapidated world full of monsters and the undead, your weary "hero" must venture through the untravelled and perilous paths in search of souls and ultimately, the Lords of Cinder.

Dark Souls III is a third person action game where you jump, roll and parry your way through swathes of enemies in a ballet of death where every movement could well be your last. Having played previous Souls titles, my experience with the series famed difficulty is somewhat different from new players will witness, death does not come quickly at first, familiar systems and attacks patterns initially allow quick progress, but then the game throws a spanner in the works, with a seemingly harmless monster suddenly splitting open, revealing a giant of blood and sinew erupting forth, smashing me within seconds, complacently kills in this game and is a reminder for all that venture to this new world, this game will own you. For newcomers, you will die, a lot, but that is part of the game, if you struggle, try and find a new route, or wander around a little, earn some souls, level up and try again; there is some grinding for experience involved here but it is fun. 

Just like previous FromSoftware titles, souls are the main currency of the game, used for the purchase of items and also in levelling up your character, allowing you to increase stats that allow you to carry larger weapons and cast spells quicker amongst many other areas. Along with collecting souls you also slowly accrue quite the armoury, carrying around a vicious assortment of knives, bombs, swords, axes, shield, bows and arrows and a magic book full of offensive and defensive spells. With the inventory management still a little clunky to navigate, it is still easy to equip and use whatever you are carrying, each weapon having multiple attacks, single and double handed uses and dual wield possibilities. New to the series are Arts, which when certain weapons are combined they add another move to the already deadly repertoire, though this will come at a cost to either your magic bar or even health. To help offset this harsh cost is another new addition to the series, the Ashen Estus Flask, working in a similar way as an Estus Flask would grants health, the Ashen Flask refills your magic gauge.

At the time of review, the online servers have yet to be switched on, but if the experience is anything like previous Dark Souls games you can guarantee it will be exciting as you come across messages from other players marred by a frustrating experience of dropping requests and waiting patiently for someone of a similar level to need assistance on whatever area you are on. Hopefully servers will be up to scratch and if anything is worthy of reporting, we will update this review.

Overall the experience with Dark Souls III was spot on, only marred occasionally by some frame rate drops, which happen infrequently and not enough to effect your experience, there is however a strange audio glitch that resets the ambient sound track when you are looking at the inventory, not so much game breaking as just annoying.

As with all the Dark Souls games, there will be a lot of hype and excitement surrounding this new release which is totally warranted, however, if new to the genre there will be a lot to get through before you will begin to understand just what this game is all about. 

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(Version Tested: Xbox One)

Review by: 

Dan Pearson


+ Brutal and addictive gameplay.
+ Huge lands to explore.
+ Thrilling boss battles.


- The constant death may put players off.
- Frame rate and sound effect glitches.

Edited On 04 Apr, 2016

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Triforce Protector's avatar
Triforce Protector 9 months ago
i hope the frame rate issues and sound glitches are only found on the xbox one version.
Anonymous user's avatar
Jason 9 months ago
Yeah because the PS4 is so amazing it runs most games at 900 and is bringingout a PS4.5 haha good one
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 9 months ago
yoda soldier's avatar
yoda soldier 9 months ago
The thing they are playing the Japanese version which doesn't have the day one patch so the frame rate problems might not be there when it arrives over here.
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 9 months ago
This 'day one' patch is BS. it it was a day one patch then it would have been out day one when it was released in Japan. They basically released it to get a boost on the Japanese end of year results and now they are spending the time to try and fix the bad things about it - so it isn't a day one patch - it is a clean up patch.
thedoctor1ko's avatar
thedoctor1ko 9 months ago
Anonymous user's avatar
Neil 9 months ago
Completed Bloodborne, found it pretty overrated, boring and monotonous after the continuous cheap deaths, will skip this like the plague
Triforce Protector's avatar
Triforce Protector 9 months ago
@Jason i'm getting the pc version but can't play it on ultra settings, don't assume just because i mentioned the xbox one version that im a playstation fan the reviewer played that version and found problems, i'm a gamer i game on all platforms.
Anonymous user's avatar
Peter 9 months ago
I've loved all the souls games and especially Bloodborne. Can't wait for this to arrive

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