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ShopTo Plays Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls III is out next week and today we attempted to play it live on Twitch for your viewing pleasure. It wasn't easy, so we'll need to practice some more next week. In the meantime though you can watch below.

Even better, if you join us for our live stream on Monday and Tuesday at 4pm, then you can win prizes. So make sure to follow us on Twitch.tv/ShopTo to keep track of when we are online.

Here's the latest stream.

Edited On 07 Apr, 2016

( 3 )
Anonymous user's avatar
Neil 10 months ago
For the sake of my controllers, my TV and anyone in my vicinity, I won't be getting this
Chrissay's avatar
Chrissay 10 months ago
I'm looking forward to this game but I will need to put some cushions on the walls in case my controller grows wings and flies lol
SolidSnake 187's avatar
SolidSnake 187 9 months ago
You need to lock on to the enemy's, that would help alot. Can't wait to get this, been playing through the first one and loving it, wish i'd gave it more time when it first came out.

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